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Wood Vinegar (Pyroligneous Acid) What Is Wood Vinegar | New Life Wood Vinegar

Wood Vinegar (Pyroligneous Acid) What Is Wood Vinegar  New Life Wood Vinegar

The production of wood vinegar is cost-effective, takes only one day and offers a versatile range of beneficial applications that are gentle on the environment:

Use charcoal product for cooking. Charcoal made from wood vinegar produces cleaner, safer smoke.

For the following applications, dilute raw wood vinegar with water in the indicated ratio.

  • Kill pests by applying a 1:20 ratio to the soil
  • Kill weeds by applying a 1:50 ratio to the soil
  • Prevent stems and roots from rotting by applying a 1:100 ratio
  • Prevent pests and mold while accelerating plant growth by applying a 1:200 ratio to the soil
  • Prevent plant lice by applying a 1:400 ratio to the plant
  • Enhance fruit growth by applying a 1:500 ratio to forming fruit


Wood vinegar is natural, gentle on the environment, and cost-effective. The materials needed to produce wood vinegar, such as bamboo, clay, and wood, are readily available in even the most remote areas of world.



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Wood Vinegar: When wood is subjected to destructive distillation or is greatly heated in close vessels, an acid liquor oozes over with the tar and gaseous products. This acid liquor is the pyroligneous acid or wood vinegar. New Life agro now proudly produces wood vinegar. This amazing product is used as an all-natural replacement for your traditional chemical fertilizer and pesticides.


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