New Life Wood Vinegar

Our Vision at New Life Agro is to provide solutions to farmers concerning new organic farming and fertilizing products. Our end goal is to see the farming industry shift to safer natural fertilizers and pesticides that are readily available and beneficial to both farmers and the environment.

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Our Mission

Our Vision

New Life Agro provides organic farming and fertilizing products to farmers in the USA as well as the equipment for farmers to manufacture the product at their own farm. Our main solution to farmers is wood vinegar. Wood vinegar is easy to produce, it's natural and is non-toxic. The results speak for themselves, wood vinegar helps develop plant growth and strength among many other great benefits.

Our mission then, is to provide farmers with the tools and resources to get the results they want at an affordable price. At New Life Agro, we not only supply the products but also the machinery to produce the products in-house.