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New Life Wood Vinegar

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New Life Wood Vinegar is available for farmers in USA now. Wood Vinegar has a long history of successful use throughout Asia for a replacement of expensive fossil derived agricultural chemicals. With a growing char and carbon farming industry there is potential for creating a viable market in USA for this sustainable and economical farm input, working towards more economical and natural farming practices.

We are encouraging the use of wood vinegar as organic fertilizer and pesticide and offering the highest quality Wood Vinegar product produced with the most advanced processor in USA. All of our product is tested before sending, ensuring you a more accurate valuation of using wood vinegar for your specific application.

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  • 1Ltr Wood Vinegar $5.00 - Pre-Order Now
  • 5Ltr Wood Vinegar $20.00 -Pre-Order Now
  • 20Ltr Wood Vinegar $75.00 - Pre-Order Now
  • For Commercial Volumes Please Contact Us!





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