Good Wood Vinegar Vs Bad Wood Vinegar

Why use Wood Vinegar?

- High density liquid – “freight costs vs coverage” that fits into existing supply chain infrastructure

- Value adds to a growing char manufacturing industry

- A possible sustainable supply source

- Extensive use throughout Asia for many decades must have merits

- High potential to reduce dependency on limited expensive ag chemicals

- Potential to largely and cheaply increase seed germination strike rate

wood vinegar usa fertilizer

New Life Wood Vinegar

Why Try using Wood Vinegar


Wood vinegar is a very technical product.

New Life wood vinegar uses only lemon, orange, grapefruit, peaches wood as input so that our wood vinegar is the highest quality with amazing results.

If you use pine wood or cedar as input to produce wood vinegar, it will spoil the plants. Also, if you don’t filter it perfectly, then there will be some wood tar mix with it which will kill the root of the plant. In addition, you must be sure that the wood vinegar us pure. There are some producers in china and Indonesia and their products are diluted and added a brown powder to keep wood vinegar brown. Moreover, acid percentage in wood vinegar should be less than 10%  or it will harm famers and their plants.

Why new life wood vinegar is the best quality wood vinegar in the market?

New Life uses fruit based wood as input to produce wood vinegar which delivers the highest quality wood vinegar ( We don’t use pine, cedars, hickory etc. to produce wood vinegar because those types of wood make the wood vinegar toxic. )
Our wood vinegar is 100% pure with zero percent of externa water.
We give technical assistance as well. Our R&D partners are two well-known scholars of agriculture and horticulture development.