Producing Pyrolysis Liquids and ‘Wood Vinegar’ from Biomass

New Life Agro specializes in the development of technologies that sustainably convert biomass into energy and other useful solid and liquid products such as Wood Vinegar. We have designed, manufactured and patented a slow pyrolysis technology called the New Life Pyrolysis Reactor. Our Pyrolysis machinery can efficiently extract bio-liquids  from waste biomass, which are a sustainable alternative to many fossil-based fuels and chemicals.

The  ‘wood  vinegar’  fraction  offers  a  wide  range  of  very  exciting  applications. These include application as a pesticide, herbicide and germination  enhancer  or  even  as  a  disease  suppressant  in  animal  husbandry  (see  box  insert  for  more  details).  These  applications  can  benefit  agricultural,  horticultural  and  ecosystem  regeneration  activities. The  liquids  produced  in  the  pyrolysis  process  also  contain  many  valuable  chemicals  such  as  acetic  acid,  acetol,  methanol,  phenols,  catechol,  pyrine,  vanillin  and  syringol.  These ‘bio-based’  chemicals  offer sustainable alternatives to similar products derived from petroleum and synthetic chemicals. The New Life agro offers a way of turning your biomass waste streams into  a  number  of  valuable  and  sustainable  products  while  sequestering carbon — helping move towards a greener global economy.

New Life Wood Vinegar